Great Video From Uganda!

Posted: 16th July 2023 by WAW Editor in Exciting News

What an honor it has been to do this wheelchair athletes clinic in Uganda! This video is a great representation of the great work that was done there.

State minister of sports Hon. Peter Ogwang was the chief guest at the climax of the four-day wheel-chair basketball and rugby training camp at Lugogo Indoor Arena, Kampala city

News Story on NewVision

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Wheelchair Basketball athletes receive fresh skills

Successful Uganda Project

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As we wrap up the 5th and final project, we are filled with such a fantastic amount of gratitude for the opportunity to be part of this event and the people who touched our lives. We were able to provide the equipment and training for this amazing group of people and created friendships and memories to last a lifetime.

Here are some great photos and video of this project.

Uganda Project – June 12 through June 17 2023

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From June 12 through June 17, 2023 Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide will be conducting its 5th international Project. After Projects in India, Nepal, Peru, and Indonesia where WAW donated a total of forty-four (44) wheelchairs to and conducted clinics with different non-profits, WAW will be conducting its next Project in Kampala, Uganda. Working with a non-profit in Kampala, a few months ago WAW sent 11 wheelchairs to Uganda in advance of the upcoming Clinic in June. A delegation of Ugandan sport representatives that were in Arizona for an adaptive coaching seminar took the wheelchairs back to Uganda with them so that WAW did not have to worry about the logistics and cost of transporting the wheelchairs. Their assistance and cooperation is greatly appreciated. The picture above shows the sports representatives from Uganda with the wheelchairs they took back with them. The picture was taken in Tucson, in a driveway, with Peter Hughes’ amazing and versatile van in the background. Let it be known that this van has been instrumental and invaluable in moving, transporting not only the wheelchairs that WAW donated but Peter Hughes himself.

More photos and video below:



On The Way to Indonesia

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The trip to Indonesia started early, took a long time, had delays and transfers, and included trains, planes and automobiles (vans and buses).

Early Wednesday morning (September 4), Pete and Mia took off from Tucson, Arizona with a van full of wheelchairs on their way to Los Angeles Airport. Mid morning that same day, Dan boarded a train in San Diego going to downtown Los Angeles where he would then board a bus to LAX. Sometime mid-afternoon, all three met at Terminal 4 to unload the wheelchairs and hopefully get approval from the airline to check the wheelchairs as baggage without incurring expensive fees. Thankfully the airline staff was very understanding and helpful and allowed the chairs to be checked without any fees. By about 6pm, the wheelchairs and luggage were checked through to Jakarta, all three had successfully passed TSA inspections and were now free to wait until midnight for the 14 hour flight to Hong Kong.

The flight to Hong Kong was uneventful, as was the 4 hour layover, and the 5 hour flight to Jakarta. Upon arriving in Jakarta, we were met with a representative from Jakarta Swift who helped us collect all 12 chairs from the baggage claim area and assisted us as we went through customs/immigration. Immediately outside the terminal, Don and additional volunteers/staff were waiting to greet us, load up the wheelchairs and give us a ride to our hotel.

After approximately 40 hours from beginning our journey, we were finally at a very nice hotel somewhere in central Jakarta. Even though there was a sincere intent to clean up and meet for a bite to eat, all 3 (Mia, Pete and Dan) ended up crashing/falling asleep after taking a shower and cleaning up…..hopefully to be recharged for an early morning pick-up to go to a Jakarta Swift wheelchair basketball practice.

Departure for Indonesia in a Couple of Days

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It seems like only yesterday that it was months away for this Project in Bandung, Indonesia. But here we are, getting ready with last minute preparations and last minute nervousness. We recently got approval for the wheelchairs to be shipped with Cathay Airlines Cargo. Thank you very much Cathay Pacific! We greatly appreciate your assistance.

On the one hand a great relief and help, on the other hand a bit of uncertainty and anxiety. Will the chairs arrive when we do? Will Indonesian customs be cooperative and timely in their release of the chairs?  Will we have to pay duty/taxes on the used chairs?

Very early September 5, Mia Hansen, Peter Hughes and Dan Altan are flying from LAX to Hong Kong with American Airlines, then from Hong Kong to Jakarta with Cathay Pacific. If all goes well, we should be in Jakarta, Indonesia around 1:30 pm on September 6. Let’s hope the unrest in Hong Kong doesn’t effect our travel.

Donald with Jakarta Swift in Indonesia has been working very hard to organize and coordinate things for our arrival and for a successful Project/clinic in Bandung. We’re all very excited and looking forward to partnering with Donald in this, our 4th, worldwide Project.

Second Day of Peru Project, 2014

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Sometimes things just don’t go as you plan, hope for, or anticipate…..and sometimes things happen organically that are very special and memorable.

Although the WAW group was on time and ready to go for an exciting Day 2, it quickly became apparent that the turn-out for day two would be quite underwhelming and much less than anticipated. At 9am, the start time for Day 2, only a couple of people showed up. Over the next hour and a half a few other people showed up…..for a total of 5 participants. Deciding to make the best of the situation, Jacob and Dan decided to start the day with some 2-on-2, which quickly became 3-on-3, and by about 12 noon we had enough people to run a full 5-on-5.




By 1pm, it was decided to end the day and do closing statements, pictures and goodbye’s with the participants and organizers. We were informed that one of the participants, an elderly gentleman using a hospital-type wheelchair, with very limited sports involvement and a severe case of diabetes wanted to make a speech. He had participated in Day 1, with very limited mobility and athleticism. The sincerity and deep emotion of the gentleman’s comments and message was quite intense, creating moist eyes throughout the crowd…….he wanted to thank Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide and Nancy (Corazones Valientes Del Norte President) for putting on the clinic and making the wheelchairs available to local participants. He said he felt more concern and care displayed towards him during the clinic than he usually gets during his rehabilitation sessions at the airport. He wished us the best and wished for us to continue our efforts.


To wrap up the day, we were treated to a wonderful display of a cultural dance by two mentally challenged dancers. The performance was outstanding.





First Day of Peru Project 2014

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The day begins with a 7;30 am ride to the gym to prep and plan for the day. The eleven wheelchairs were rolled out of the locked storage room to be checked for any last minute needed repairs. With the donation of an electrical air pump from the Juanita Amenero Foundation, all the tires were pumped up to ¨competitive¨psi levels with only one tube needing to be replaced as it seemed to have an unresolved, ongoing flat.

The event was scheduled to start at 9 am, and by 10 am we were still awaiting the arrival of many participants…..traffic and transporttion issues are a constant and ongoing concern for disabled people in Chiclayo. By 10:15, it was decided to start the event regardless of who else may still arrive. With approximately 25 participants, of varying disabilities, Jacob started the warm-up exercises. Drills of many kinds…..shooting, passing, chair skills, etc…. were conducted throughout the day; as well as an amazingly well-received introduction to wheelchair soccer, which was gretly enjoyed by all participants!

Overall, regardless of the smaller than hoped for turn-out, the day proved to be quite successful and enjoyed by all. The participants seemed eager to return for day 2.DSC_0609 DSC_0443 DSC_0438 DSC_0485