About Us

Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide was founded by four accomplished disabled
athletes (Peter Hughes, Chuck Gill, Greg Hockensmith, Dan Altan) who all have
benefited in many ways from their involvement in wheelchair sports, and who
now want to assist in providing an opportunity for disabled people in other, less
fortunate countries.

Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide originated from a belief that through active
involvement in recreational and competitive sports, an individual will benefit not
only physically but also emotionally, mentally, and socially in both their sport and
personal life. The purpose of the organization is to 1) provide modern, competitive
new and used sport wheelchairs (basketball, rugby, tennis) to secular, non-profit,
non-governmental organizations in third world and developing countries that
have, or will start, an organized adaptive sports program for physically disabled
people, and 2) to put on a wheelchair basketball training/coaching clinic to assist
in their development as a player.

We feel that simply giving the wheelchairs, without personal interaction or
demonstration, explanation and discussion with accomplished wheelchair
athletes would not be beneficial enough. That is why we decided that at least two
of our Founders, or select individuals, would always accompany the wheelchairs,
donate them personally, and hold a training/coaching clinic and demonstration,
giving participants an opportunity to directly interact with us.

Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide became an Arizona based non-profit corporation
on July 21, 2009, and we received our Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 tax exempt
status on April 30, 2010.


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