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On The Way to Indonesia

Posted: 21st September 2019 by dan in Uncategorized

The trip to Indonesia started early, took a long time, had delays and transfers, and included trains, planes and automobiles (vans and buses). Early Wednesday morning (September 4), Pete and Mia took off from Tucson, Arizona with a van full of wheelchairs on their way to Los Angeles Airport. Mid morning that same day, Dan […]

Departure for Indonesia in a Couple of Days

Posted: 2nd September 2019 by dan in Uncategorized

It seems like only yesterday that it was months away for this Project in Bandung, Indonesia. But here we are, getting ready with last minute preparations and last minute nervousness. We recently got approval for the wheelchairs to be shipped with Cathay Airlines Cargo. Thank you very much Cathay Pacific! We greatly appreciate your assistance. […]