Jacob TyreeMy name is Jacob Tyree. I am from Roanoke, Virginia. I graduated in May from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BA in Communications with a Concentration in Technology. I played wheelchair basketball under the coaching of Dave Kiley in Charlotte, North Carolina in the NWBA Junior division until graduating High School. We won the 2009 JV National Championship. After graduation I played under Michael Frogley at the University of Illinois until his leave in Spring 2013. Matt Buchi took the head coach position for my final season at college. During the Fall of 2013 I was selected for the U23 USA Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team. The following January I attended my first USA Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Tryout where I was selected as an alternate for the class 1.0 position. I went with the USA team to Istanbul this May to compete in a Friendly competition for my first international games. As for my coaching experience, I ran wheelchair basketball camps every summer at Illinois one for teaching the fundamentals, and another ‘Elite’ camp aimed for coaching the top junior athletes in the world. In February 2013 I went with Michael Frogley to coach disabled veterans at the US Naval Base in San Diego. The following August I was selected to be one of two international coaches to oversee J-Camp located in Tsukuba, Japan. I plan to continue my individual training to peruse my goal of being a medalist with the USA Wheelchair Basketball Team, but also striving to learn new approaches to the coaching strategies around the world sharing my knowledge with others to the best of my ability.