Project KTM eve

Posted: 9th May 2013 by greg in Uncategorized

2013-05-08_19-03-48_7532013-05-09_02-50-45_348 2013-05-08_19-12-43_704 2013-05-09_00-39-35_541Continued sleep deprivation and jet lag could not keep me this morning from rising early and joining Dan on the patio of our modest hotel for coffee and immediately diving into discussions and final prepping for our 2-day clinics and 1 day tournament. After about an hour of rigorous fine tuning and scribbling of notes, we were in jubilant agreement regarding the excellent camp laid out for the next 3 days, and are chomping at the bit to meet our Nepali contingency and getting to work. Afterwards Dan was driven to the covered hall to transport and wrench on our chairs some while I stayed back and finished up some things at the hotel. I had about an hour to roam the local streets before the group returned, and let me tell you there was no shortage of characters encountered in this unique pocket of the world. However, it was a very welcomed reuniting and meeting of a different cast of characters that made my day; when Mike Rosenkrantz, Bishnu, Bahrat, and Dan made it back our way and Maralyn and I joined them at the table for spirited talks and some small revisions of our the plans for our days ahead.
Michael shared with us one of the magnificent medals that were made for the participants in our camp, which beautifully displays the WAW logo. You can see the close-up of one with this blog.
It is now late and the equipment is being laid out for the early morning departure to our venue. Tomorrow is a big day and we will have lots to share, and I am sure some wonderful images. Included here are a just few images from our time and location today, including the capture of Dan imbibing a delicious pineapple juice drink with his favorite straw…