Special Thanks!

Posted: 30th November 2011 by dan in Exciting News, Uncategorized

There are many people to thank for making the India Project actually come together and happen, but we want to specially thank Michael Rosenkrantz and Shelley Hockensmith for all their energy, dedication, hard work and assistance.

Michael was instrumental in coordinating and organizing the clinic at Amar Jyoti, and in arranging for lodging with AADI for Shelley, Greg and Pete during their stay in New Delhi. As well, he greeted and arranged for pick up of the passengers and the wheelchairs at the airport upon their arrival. Also, Michael assisted in resolving a customs snag when the wheelchairs first got to India — the officials in customs wanted to charge duty fees on the wheelchairs, even though they were being donated to a non-profit — without his assistance, the wheelchairs may have got stuck at customs, or WAW would have had to pay monies to get them cleared. Michael spent both days of the clinic at Amar Jyoti taking pictures, and helping Pete & Greg with the actual clinic, and then flew down to Vizag with Pete to co-conduct the clinic there. His advice, suggestions, and many contacts in India helped make this trip and this Project go a lot smoother and easier than it otherwise would have. His deep love of basketball and passion for working with the disabled blended well with WAW’s goals. Thank-you sooo much Michael!

Shelley ended up being a humongous asset, and of invaluable assistance on this Project. After Dan Altan couldn’t go due to a shoulder injury requiring surgery, and after Chuck Gill couldn’t go due to business/family commitments, the thought was to only have Peter and Greg go to India by themselves. However, somewhere along the line Shelley decided she would go and help us out, and that was a decision that WAW greatly benefited from. Shelley worked as hard as either of the two guys and was definitely more popular than both of them combined. Being a trained Physical Therapist and having worked with disabled athletes/people for many years, she was extremely comfortable taking an interactive role. The children and staff at Amar Jyoti LOVED her (see some of the pics in the Photo Gallery). She was constantly taking pictures/video, helping with drills and organization, and overall doing anything and everything that needed to be done for WAW. With no offense to either Greg or Peter, she was our actual, and more effective “ambassador” on this trip. We were pleased and thankful to have her, and without hesitation would love to have her on any future Projects. Biggest of Thanks Shelley!