They are all finally back, safe and sound! Peter, Greg and Shelley are back in the United States, excited beyond words with their experience in India. They went, they saw, they trained, they showed, and they donated a total of 12 sport wheelchairs to two different non-profit organizations in India — 6 sport wheelchairs to Amar Jyoti in New Delhi (a school teaching able-bodied and disabled kids in an inclusive environment), and 6 sport wheelchairs to The Ability People in Vizag (providing assistance to disabled people in the Vizag area).

The initial plan was to donate only 11 chairs to the India Project, but recognizing the need being as great as it is, Peter Hughes decided to donate his personal basketball wheelchair to the kids at Amar Jyoti school. Pictures of the wheelchairs donated to India can be seen in the “Photo Gallery”.

Our hope is that both Amar Jyoti and The Ability People will utilize the wheelchairs on a regular basis with an adaptive sports program that allows participants to use the chairs to play sports (basketball, soccer, rugby, etc..). We will follow up with each organization in the following months to see how the chairs are being utilized.

Our goal now is to 1. Raise money to pay for costs incurred for the India Project which some of the guys have so far covered with their own funds, and 2. Raise money for the next Project — the country and the non-profit not yet finalized.