Project India is a GO!!

Posted: 30th September 2011 by WAW Editor in Exciting News

FINALLY!!! After more than 2 years of planning, discussions, fundraising, fixing of wheelchairs, setbacks, disappointments, getting of visa’s, etc… Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide is pleased to announce that at least one of our Members, Peter Hughes, will be going to India between November 23-29 to conduct a clinic and donate sport wheelchairs to one or more non-profits. Although we are hoping to work with Amor Jyoti in New Delhi and The Ability People in Visakhapatnam, a final decision as of yet has not been made as to where and with whom the clinic will be conducted, and to what non-profit organization the wheelchairs will be donated. We are confident these questions will shortly be answered. One thing for certain…… at least Peter Hughes will be going to India in November, with a bunch of wheelchairs to be donated. An almost certainty is that Greg Hockensmith will also be going to coordinate everything. We are now working hard to finalize other details pertaining to the trip….. such as, how do we get 11 wheelchairs from Tucson Arizona to JFK airport in New York without paying shipping charges or excess baggage fees with Delta (or another airline).