Dilip Patro

Posted: 1st June 2011 by WAW Editor in Fundraising

Dilip Patro is the Founder and President of The Ability People in Visakhapatnam, and also a quadriplegic rugby player. We were introduced to Dilip through Vicky and John Sigworth who have donated quad rugby wheelchairs to his non-profit and are working with him to establish a SCI center in Visakhapatnam. Although nothing is yet finalized, we are trying to work with Dilip to go down to Visak while we’re in India to conduct a clinic and donate some sport wheelchairs to The Ability People. Dilip is working hard to raise the funds needed to get us from New Delhi to Visakhapatnam by plane. We are really excited about conducting a clinic in Southern India since the disabled population in Southern India is large and could benefit from being exposed to wheelchair sports.