Vicky Sigworth

Posted: 10th January 2011 by WAW Editor in Fundraising

Is the mother of John Sigworth, a Spinal Cord Injury victim who has introduced wheelchair rugby to many disabled quadriplegics in India. Vicky, her husband Fred, and their sons have been quite involved in donating rugby wheelchairs to India and have been working on establishing SCI centers throughout India. One or more of their family makes regular trips to India, and their son John has stayed their for many months at a time. We initially contacted Vicky to get in touch with her son John to talk about different ways to ship wheelchairs to India. In the process, a wonderful working relationship was established with Vicky. She is quite excited about our cause and what we’re trying to do in India, and wants to be involved if at all possible. Vicky was the only reason we were able to make contact with an Executive at Air India who has since allowed us to fly the wheelchairs to be donated from the United States to India without incurring extra baggage fees. As well, she has assisted us in making contact with a non-profit integrated school in the New Delhi. Her assistance is greatly appreciated.