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Peru Project Day 2

Although the turn-out was smaller than expected, participants played 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 basketball. Closing comments, a moving speech by one of the participants, T-shirt giveaway's, and final goodbye's and pictures finished off the day. We hope the donated wheelchairs will help advance the adaptive sports program in the Chiclayo area.

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Peru Project Day 1

We are pleased to have a turn-out of about 20 people on Day 1. With stretches, drills, exercises and an introduction to wheelchair football, the day passes by very quickly.

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First Time in Peru and Chiclayo

Arriving at Lima Airport, meeting up with Jacob, clearing customs, waiting with uncertainty about getting wheelchairs from Lima to Chiclayo on the same flight without incurring baggage fees, loading up in Chiclayo airport, getting something to eat.

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Sport Chairs to be Donated to Peru, September 2014

We will be donating a total of 11 used sport wheelchairs to Peru. Pictures of all the chairs being donated for the Nepal Project are in this Gallery. The wheelchairs needed a variety of parts, repairs and items before they were ready to use.

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Peru 2014 Project

Images from Chiclayo, Peru -- Before the Peru Project Begins

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Visiting Bhaktapur Guest House

Michael, Greg, Dan, Marylyn, and Bikram (of Nature Trails Trekking) visit Bhaktapur Guest House, in Bhaktapur....home of some of the girls participating in Project Nepal. Some income to support the education and therapy of the kids is raised by charging visiting travellers to stay at the Guest House.

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KTM camp Day 2

On the second day of the Camp, the participants did stretches, warm-ups and drills but as importantly had a chance to try the donated wheelchairs. We found the participants to be eager to get going, pleasant, willing to learn, cooperative, hard working, and fun-loving. Well over 60 people attended and all were a joy to work with.

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KTM camp day 1

60 participants in Kathmandu! We were surprised and overjoyed to see so many participants show up for the first day.

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Cathy Pacific Airways Cargo Ships Wheelchairs to Nepal From Los Angeles

Thomas Bellamy and Ringo Sin with Cathay Pacific were instrumental in getting the 11 sport wheelchairs being donated to Nepal.

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Sport Chairs to be Donated to Nepal, May 2013

We will be donating a total of 11 used sport wheelchairs to Nepal. Pictures of all the chairs being donated for the Nepal Project are in this Gallery. The wheelchairs needed a variety of parts, repairs and items before they were ready to use.

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In Vizag - Sunday, November 27 2011

Our 2nd Clinic was held in Southeast India, in the city of Vizag. A 1-day event organized by The Ability People, a non-profit with Dilip Patro as its President. All the responsibility of conducting the clinic fell on the shoulders of Pete & Michael Rosenkrantz who agreed to fly down and help Pete out. Since our decision to go to Vizag was made after airline tickets had already been bought, Greg and Shelley were not able to attend. The event got plenty of press coverage, & local dignitary's made an appearance. We donated 6 sport wheelchairs to The Ability People with the understanding that Dilip would establish an adaptive sport program to utilize the chairs on a regular basis. Based on what we saw, there is hope mixed with concern that such a program may be harder to put into effect than we were initially led to believe. Although successful in its own way, there are many aspects of the Vizag Project that we would have wanted done differently. Once again, much thanks to Michael Rosenkrantz of the for the pictures. His Facebook link is

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Aamir Khan and Kenny Natt & Many Wonderful Experiences at Amar Jyoti!

If it's true "a picture paints a thousand words" then there is a wonderful book written with these pictures. We have chosen to share with you ALL of the pictures available to us, taken at the the Amar Jyoti clinic. What an experience!! Everyone was lucky to have the famous actor Aamir Khan attend and actually participate by getting in a wheelchair to push and shoot. We also were fortunate to have Kenny Natt, the national coach of the Idian Men's Basketball team, attend and participate in the clinic. Once again, special thanks to Michael Rosenkrantz of the National Trust (in India) for making all of these pictures available to us.... they can all be found on his Facebook account as well

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Amar Jyoti - Day 1 of Clinic

Greg and Pete conduct the first day of the clinic at Amar Jyoti, a totally inclusive school with able-bodied and disabled kids learning, playing together.

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Wheelchairs Arrive in India! Thursday, November 24 2011

Finally! After a couple of years of planning, hard work, stress, disappointment, fundraising issues & everything else that goes into doing a Project of this kind, 11 wheelchairs have successfully made it to New Delhi, India AND managed to clear customs with the invaluable assistance of Michael Rosenkrantz of the National Trust and the staff at Air India. Pics in this batch are courtesy of Michael's Facebook page

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Leaving for New Delhi from JFK - Tuesday, November 22 2011

After making sure all chairs are accounted for from the night before, Pete checks himself and the wheelchairs in with Air India.... stopping to get some local Indian currency from the airport exchange.

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Pete Leaving for JFK - Monday, November 21 2011

Pete goes from Phx. to JFK on Monday, spends the night, then comes back on Tuesday to fly to New Delhi, India.

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Sport Wheelchairs Ready To Donate

These are the sport wheelchairs that we will be taking to India in November, 2011. Most of the frames of the wheelchairs were previously used by the University of Arizona's men's wheelchair basketball team.

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Amar Jyoti School, New Delhi India

Amar Jyoti is a totally inclusive school offering educational and recreational opportunities for both disabled and able bodied children. We are planning on doing a two day clinic and donating some sport wheelchairs to them in November, 2011.

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WAW Members in Action

Some pictures of the 4 Board Members of Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide as they play and participate in their respective sports.

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