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Second Day of Peru Project, 2014

Posted: 2nd October 2014 by dan in Uncategorized

Sometimes things just don’t go as you plan, hope for, or anticipate…..and sometimes things happen organically that are very special and memorable. Although the WAW group was on time and ready to go for an exciting Day 2, it quickly became apparent that the turn-out for day two would be quite underwhelming and much less […]

First Day of Peru Project 2014

Posted: 26th September 2014 by dan in Uncategorized

The day begins with a 7;30 am ride to the gym to prep and plan for the day. The eleven wheelchairs were rolled out of the locked storage room to be checked for any last minute needed repairs. With the donation of an electrical air pump from the Juanita Amenero Foundation, all the tires were […]

Arriving in Peru

Posted: 25th September 2014 by dan in Uncategorized

Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide, with Dan Altan, Jacob Tyree and Max Amenero began their Peru Project adventures yesterday (September 23, 2014) departing for Lima, Peru. All three were able to arrive safely into Lima, with Jacob arriving a few hours ahead of Max and Dan, waiting for them to clean customs/immigration together. Although there was much […]

Project Peru — About to Begin

Posted: 23rd September 2014 by dan in Uncategorized

Max Amenero, Jacob Tyree, and Dan Altan are getting ready for their flight(s) to Chiclayo, Peru. As of Monday evening, all 3 are excited and looking forward to a successful Project. The 11 wheelchairs, which will be donated to Corazones Valientes in Chiclayo, are waiting anxiously to arrive at their new home in Peru. As […]

A special thanks to our sponsors

Posted: 17th May 2013 by greg in Uncategorized

There is little doubt that the ability to put on an event such as this on the other side of the planet is not feasible without several very generous sponsors. WAW would like for formally thank Jim Click automotive that supplied air miles that enabled travel to our destination.  Also to Cathay Pacific/Dragon air for flying […]

Nepal Project – Clinic Day 1

Posted: 16th May 2013 by dan in Uncategorized

A brief description of the facility and our daily general schedule may assist in visualizing the event in Kathmandu. The 3 day event, from May 10-12, was held at the “Covered Hall”…..the same facility the National Nepalese Men’s Basketball team uses to practice and play games at. The court is full size and offers spectator seats […]

Nepal Project – Clinic Day 2

Posted: 16th May 2013 by dan in Uncategorized

The second day started promptly at 10:00 a.m. with everyone from the day before plus a few others. Raj once again conducted stretching exercises for approximately 15 minutes, and Dan and Greg conducted suicide drills, games of tag and a few laps around the court until tea time at 11:00. Although not intended, in doing […]

The final day consisted of both a 3-on-3 tournament, and a 5-on-5 tournament, and NO BANDA!! As with the preceding days, we started at 10:00 a.m. sharp with stretching exercises. However, the final day featured WAW volunteer Marylyn conducting the stretching exercises instead of Raj. With her expansive background in yoga, and physical therapy, Marylyn […]

Project KTM eve

Posted: 9th May 2013 by greg in Uncategorized

Continued sleep deprivation and jet lag could not keep me this morning from rising early and joining Dan on the patio of our modest hotel for coffee and immediately diving into discussions and final prepping for our 2-day clinics and 1 day tournament. After about an hour of rigorous fine tuning and scribbling of notes, […]

Can’t wait

Posted: 7th May 2013 by greg in Uncategorized

Greg and WAW volunteer Maralyn have successfully made it to Hong Kong and will be boarding their flight to KTM tonight.  Have seen the wonderful posts and pictures of Dan’s successful arrival, and can’t wait to hit the court on Friday!