Second Day of Peru Project, 2014

Posted: 2nd October 2014 by dan in Uncategorized

Sometimes things just don’t go as you plan, hope for, or anticipate…..and sometimes things happen organically that are very special and memorable.

Although the WAW group was on time and ready to go for an exciting Day 2, it quickly became apparent that the turn-out for day two would be quite underwhelming and much less than anticipated. At 9am, the start time for Day 2, only a couple of people showed up. Over the next hour and a half a few other people showed up…..for a total of 5 participants. Deciding to make the best of the situation, Jacob and Dan decided to start the day with some 2-on-2, which quickly became 3-on-3, and by about 12 noon we had enough people to run a full 5-on-5.




By 1pm, it was decided to end the day and do closing statements, pictures and goodbye’s with the participants and organizers. We were informed that one of the participants, an elderly gentleman using a hospital-type wheelchair, with very limited sports involvement and a severe case of diabetes wanted to make a speech. He had participated in Day 1, with very limited mobility and athleticism. The sincerity and deep emotion of the gentleman’s comments and message was quite intense, creating moist eyes throughout the crowd…….he wanted to thank Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide and Nancy (Corazones Valientes Del Norte President) for putting on the clinic and making the wheelchairs available to local participants. He said he felt more concern and care displayed towards him during the clinic than he usually gets during his rehabilitation sessions at the airport. He wished us the best and wished for us to continue our efforts.


To wrap up the day, we were treated to a wonderful display of a cultural dance by two mentally challenged dancers. The performance was outstanding.