Back in USA

Posted: 30th December 2011 by peter in Uncategorized

Hello all! I hope you all get to look at these amazing photos! Many I had not seen until today. I arrived in NY after a marathon of travel that included a 4 hour flight from Vizak a 12 hour wait at Dehli international and a 14 hour flight to ny. Suffice to say still a bit tired.
How do I accurately tell you about this project in India? India may be one of those places that you actually have to experience first hand to understand. It is beautiful, tragic, scary and amusing all at the same time. By far the worse traffic i have ever seen and yet people will ride an elephant through this traffic. Poverty is everywhere and so present that you become numb to it. As if it has been around you your whole life. I wonder if this is a defensive system our own minds have block out what really is one of the most horrible things we can experience. Our fellow humans living in horrible conditions with no shoes or shelter. Yet there is great strength in the people of India, and great work being done to attempt to improve people’s lives. Do I feel like our little donation and sacrafice of time made a difference in the grand scheme of things? You better believe I do! Change one person, effect one life and who knows what may happen in the future. I know we accomplished this, you can see it for yourself in the photos. I’ve been part of many good things in my life and I’ve seen many amazing things, but other then the birth of my children and the marriage vows to my wife, I have never been prouder of an accomplishment as I am of this. Dan, Chuck, and Greg I thank you for sharing in this dream and keeping me on track and making it become reality. I thank all our sponsors and the amazing support we got from home and abroad. There is so much more to be done! Work that Before leaving I wasn’t sure I could do but I realize now this work is not a burden but it is a privilege.

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